Talcottville, New York, in postcards
by Larry Myers
The Village of Talcottville is located north of Boonville and south of Potters Corners and Turin on Route 12D.  Constableville is a few miles to the northwest, and Port Leyden is a neighbor to the north on Route 12.
Perhaps Talcottville’s main claim to fame is its old stone house, made from local limestone by its builder, Hezekiah Talcott, more than 200 years ago.  Some old postcards identify it as the Thomas Baker home or the Shoemaker home.  Perhaps the most famous owner was Edmund Wilson, who wrote the book “Upstate” in 1971, detailing his relationships with and observations of people from the Talcottville area.
But right next door to the old stone house was the Talcottville Post Office and General Store.  It was also a gas station where local motorists could “fill ‘er up.”  Local motorist, Fred Buckley, obviously didn’t quite make the turn at the Suger River Bridge just east of Talcottville on July 4, 1913.
Talking about bridges, here’s a picture of the bridge construction on the northern edge of the village, looking north.  Another view catches the completed bridge, looking south, toward the village.  And still another view taken from the bridge itself.   Photographer Beach took the picture of this small wooden bridge up in the village.
The waterfall at the edge of the village was always interesting. In this view, a photographer, either Beach himself, or his assistant, poses with a camera.  Here’s another view, catching a house on the street above.  Still another view shows the old mill.  This view of the gorge in Sugar River was sent to a postcard collector in 1909. Incidentally, most of the postcard views here are by Photographer Beach.
Let’s look at a street view or two in Talcottville.  Probably taken from the lawn of the stone house, this view shows thepillars of the Talcottville Hotel.  And here’s a closeup of the hotel. Looking a little farther down the street we see the next building.  I’m not exactly sure where the Baptist Church in Talcottville was, but think it might have been between the General Store and the School House, on School Street.  Only slightly changed over the years, here’s the Methodist Church as it looked in 1906.
I’ve taken this photo up to Talcottville in an attempt to locate the spot precisely.  Judging from the background hills, I’m guessing that it was near Barrett’s Corners (just south of Talcottville).  I borrowed this picture postcard of the students and teacher at the Talcottville School.  Larry Kraeger was kind enough to identify some of the students for me.  There was a Niece family in Talcottville years ago.  One of their decendants was kind enough to share this information.  I hope you've enjoyed the "Talcottville Tour."  

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