I met Chris Slimmer at the Washington, D.C. World Airlines Historical Society Convention several years ago. Chris has one of the world's greatest "airport postcard" collections. When he said he was going to come to see me during the July 4th weekend, I told him to bring some of his favorite airport postcards along so that I could display them on my homepage. Chris is the epitome of the person I had in mind when I wrote the article on I.P.E.S.  Here are some of the cards from his collection along with his commentary. The numbers are for convenience sake and have no other significance. These cards are for display only and are not for sale:

1. Frontier Convair at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, produced by Ad Industries of Denver. The best type of shot!

2. Capital DC3 and the tail of a Wisconsin Central DC3 at Milwaukee from the best card producer.....L.L.Cook of Milwaukee. T-122.

3. PanAm, TCA, & Western planes at Sea-Tac (Seattle-Tacoma Airport) shows the great buildings. C.D. Johnston C10632.

4. American Airlines DC3 at DCA. I don't like linens, but this one is an exception. CAPSCO.

5. National 727-100 at Newport News. I haven't seen another card like this one in 5 years. By R.A. Littell of Virginia.

6. TTA Convair at Harlingen TX. A passenger's first view of HRL. Walcott-Mothershed S45865.

7. Knoxville TN. A typical day on the ramp. Haynes Dist. Co., Roanoke. 63777A.

8. PCA DC3 at Pittsburgh. Ramp action! Great Gravure card by Meridith Gravure Co P-75.

9. Cleveland: The old flight board.  I grew up here watching planes & playing pinball at this terminal. Publisher: Nelson Jones 534.

10. Ramp action at LGA....with the LaGuardia first day stamp!  Airline Pharmacy P75513.

11. An Eastern DC3 at LGA, a litho by W.T.Hoff. 75.

12. American Convair at EWR in mint condition. Lots of famous airlines. By Alfred Mainzer on Curteich 4CK1922.

13. Mohawk DC3 at EWR. Real rare b&w litho Lustertone postcard by Engage Pictures published by Garfield News Co.

14. Miami terminal interior. A wonderful look at 60's flying.  Is that your dad there?  Plastichrome P30766.

15. Ozark DC3 & UAL DC3 at Davenport IA. Real rare. Spin the props...ready to go! Tri-Cities Photo Service of Davenport. 7000.

16. Atlanta. A common card, but a wonderful composition. Printed by the best postcard printer in the world....John Hinde. Distributed by Atlanta News Agency.

17. Pan American DC4 at MIA. A real photo card postmarked 1947.   3660. You find another one!

18. Pan American Sikorsky at MIA. 40. Crowds love the attention of flyers.

19. Pan American DC4 with Ellis amphibs at Annette Island. Wow! Has a Defender back. Brinkley T-82.

20. Ozark & Delta CVs at Springfield MO. My all time favorite ramp shot by Migard Studios of Springfield. P64027.

21. Northeast DC6 at Portland ME. Another "wow" card by John Hinde. A great ramp shot. Mikel Nett Inc. 17E 39.

22. LAB Electra at Cochibamba, Bolivia. Have you seen this? Libreria Cervantes. 1613/5

23. Avianca DC4 at Bogota. Real Photo. Cuellar Publ.

24. PanAm 707 at Panama City. Ramp work at its best. A.I.P.S.A. Dexter DT-55309-C

25. PanAm DC6 & Air France DC4 at Martinique. Ramp music. Dormand 40214.

26. SAM DC6 at Tarbes-Lourdes. Edition de L'Europe 1711.

27. PanAm Stratocruiser at Dusseldorf. Wonderful color. 20.5.56 - 2023.

28. Northwest 707 at Tokyo. Odd size. Best Japan card I've ever seen!

29. Amsterdam. RP view of late '50s like you'd see getting off the plane. KLM Aerocarto 862.

30. PanAm flying boat "Southern Clipper" at MIA with DOPS back.

31. TCA L-10 at Regina. Mailed in '52. RP. 35.

32. Hanford L-10B at MSP. The talk of AI97!  Says Labor Day 1937. DOPS back.

33. Mohawk CV at Plattsburg. Why can't all airport postcards be like this? Lavin Candy Co. P58392.

34. United & Continental planes at Denver. Not-seen rarity. Cooper Postcard 9C-K1989.

35. Ozark DC3 at Marion Herrin IL. Carl Songen Studio. 98581A.

36. Eastern 727 at Raleigh-Durham. Love the ramp workers salute! Wish they still used the rear stairs. North Carolina News C18631.

37. Eastern Martin 404 at Daytona Beach. One of the all time best chromes! Dexter 69941.

38. A great ramp shot of an American plane at BOS. Colorpicture P45940.

39. Pioneer DC3 at Dallas-Love. The holy grail of airport chromes. Dexter-Star Photo Service 379-D7 63107.

40. Northeast DC3 at Keene NH. Too bad the plane is not larger! Real Photo #32.

41. Aerovias Reforma DC3 at Guadalajara. Exclusives Julio. Real Photo #57.

42. Chicago & Southern L-10 at STL. Gulf Coaster. AZO back.

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