by Larry Myers

Apparently during the latter years of Sambo Restaurant's existence, the owners, in an attempt for survival under the onslaught of the "politically correct" activists, took away the mention of Little Sambo and threw full emphasis on "tigers" with their promotion of  "The Tiger Club". They issued a set of Tiger Club postcards in 1978. There were 6 cards in the set. The card titles are:

J.R. Hitting a Baseball
Dandy Hiking
Hooper Flying a Kite
Priscilla and Puppy Care
The Brain and Plant Care
Tag-along and J.R. Fishing

The back of each card is set up with a postcard format, with each card showing a slightly different illustration. Here's the address side of card #3 in the set.

I would guess that this set is even rarer than the original "Sambo" set, because it appeared that it was a short-lived, unsuccessful last-ditch effort to head off the inevitable demise of the once popular restaurant chain.

Concurrently with the "Tiger" postcard set, the restaurant also ran a "Birthday Buck" promotion, which was a coupon worth $1.00 on the recipient's birthday (or within 30 days after). The coupon was postcard size and the back of it indeed could have been used as a postcard.

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