Sambo's Picture Story Series
by Mary Myers

There has been some interest lately about the set of postcards published by the Sambo's restaurant chain in the 1970's. The cards are standard size chromes. The complete set came in a mailable folder.

#1 - Little Sambo walks through the jungle wearing the new clothes that his parents have given him.

#2 - Sambo meets a tiger in the jungle. The tiger demands Sambo's little red jacket.

#3 - The tiger smiles as he walks off in Sambo's new blue pants.

#4 - Sambo is forced to part with his pretty purple shoes. The tiger wears them on his ears.

#5 - Sambo gives his beautiful green umbrella to the mean looking tiger.

#6 - The tigers are jealous of one another and race around the tree as they fight for Sambo's clothes.

#7 - Sambo got all his clothes back and ran home to fill up on stacks of pancakes.

#8 - The story of Sambo

#9 - The back of the story card

All of the cards have a similar back.  Each picture card has a number (1 - 7) in the lower left corner of the stamp box. "Sambo's Picture Story Series" and the text I've listed for each card are on the upper left corner. 

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