The Nieces of Talcottville NY
Here is a picture of the high bridge in Talcottville,  N.Y., as it looked in the early 1900's.  The view is looking south toward the village of Talcottville.  The house on the left, just beyond the bridge is the house where  Mr. & Mrs Wendell Niece lived.  Here's a better picture of the house.  That's Wendell in the buggy.  Here's an official portrait of Wendell, and here's one of his wife, Margaret Krupp Niece.  They had 5 children: Emma, Fred, Flora, George, and Amanda.  Here's a picture of the George Niece home in Port Leyden, N.Y., and here is a picture of his wife, Ione.  Incidentally, George Niece was once the mayor of Port Leyden.  Here's another picture of him that shows him more as he looked when he was mayor.

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