Lyons Falls, NY:  Yesteryears in postcards  by Larry Myers

1. The famous 3-way bridge
2. The 3-way bridge
3. The 3-way bridge
4. The 3-way bridge
5. The 3-way bridge (linen)
6. The 3-way bridge (chrome)
7. The 3-way bridge (by Utica Paper Co.)
8. The Gould Mansion & office bldg.
9. The Gould Mansion & office bldg.
10. The Gould Mansion
11. The Gould Mansion (by Roneco)
12. The R.C. church in winter
13. The R.C. church in spring
14. The R.C. church in summer
15. The R.C. church in color
16. The R.C. chuch & the school
17. The Forest church
18. The Forest church in color
19. The High School
20. The High School
21. The High School
22. The High School
23. The High School in sepia
24. The High School in color
25. The Gould Paper Co. Conveyor
26. The mill & bridge
27. The Gould Paper Mill
28. Agers Falls
29. The Paper Co. in color
30. The Falls
31. The Mill & falls
32. The Mill in sepia
33. The Mill in winter
34. The Mill (by Utica Paper Co.)
35. The Mill (by Wm Jubb)
36. The Mill (by Utica Paper Co.)
37. The Mill (by Utica Paper Co.)
38. The 3-way bridge (by Leonard Jones)
39. The Mill in winter (RPPC)
40. A glimpse of the falls
41. The high falls
42. The falls in sepia
43. A view from the new Walton
44. The barber shop & telephone office
45. The bay in the old canal
46. The New Walton & the Harris House
47. A multi-view by Roneco
48. A multi-view by Roneco
49. The Cannon Store & the Post Office
50. The Victory Chain Store
51. A different Post Office Bldg.
52. Along Main Street
53. The Black River Canal
54. The George Koster home
55. The Walton
56. The C.M. Waters house
57. A street entering the village
58. The Harris House
59. McAlpine Street
60. Gorham Street
61. Residence section on the hill
62. Elegant homes on the hill (RPPC)
63. Main Street in color
64. A pretty street in color
65. Elegant homes on the hill (color)

I do not normally provide links off-site on my pages, but here is an exceptional site.  It contains many more Lyons Falls picture-postcards than I have listed here.

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