An illustrated sale of New York State postcards from Lewis County and vicinity

Most of the postcards in this sale are 80 to 90 years old and can be expected to have some wear. Where wear is more than moderate, I attempt to describe such wear.  If you have questions, email me.  As some cards may be sold, “reload” for latest presentation.  Payment information may be found at http://www.postcardpost.com/payopt.htm . To order, email me the cards you want (such as NYS2, NYS4, etc).  I’ll check availability and get back to you.

NYS1 A street view of Barnes Corners.  RP (real photo postcard) with AZO back. Price - $25
NYS2 The Square, Barnes Corners. RP, Mailed in 1910.  Price - $30
NYS3 A lot of new dwellings, Beaver Falls. A Beach RP.  Price - $30
NYS5 Midway at Boonville Fair AZO back. Mailed, stamp removed Price - $35
NYS6 Boonville Creamery of McLeod & Ormsbee. b&w print. Mailed in 1921, shows some wear with bends to lower corners.  Price - $20
NYS7 Birds-eye view of Boonville. RP, AZO back - Price - $30
NYS8 Train wreck at Denley. RP by Beach - Price - $40
NYS9 Polaris Spring House, Boonville. RP by W.L.Cook of Boonville Mailed . Price - $30
NYS10 Boonville’s Big Storm of 1943. RP, DOPS back Mailed in ‘43. Tape residue on left edge. Price - $20
NYS12 Lake Brantingham Inn from the lake. Print with purple-ish hue.  Undivided back. Mailed in 1905. Price - $20
NYS13 From North Shore, Brantingham Lake. Print. Undivided back. Mailed. Price - $20
NYS14 Adirondack Lodge, Brantingham Lake. RP. Mailed. Slight wear. Price - $30
NYS15 A Pleasant Residence, Constableville.  RP. Mailed in ‘34. Beach?  Price - $30
NYS16 Main St., Constableville.  RP by Beach.  Mailed in ‘09 Price - $35
NYS17 River St., Forestport.  RP. Beach? Mailed in ‘23. Bend LR crnr. Price $30
NYS18 Bridge at Hawkinsville. RP by Eastern Illustrating Co.  Price - $30
NYS19 The Annex, Lake Bonaparte. RP by Beach. Mailed. Price - $35
NYS20 View from Porch, Lake Bonaparte.  RP by Santway. Mailed.  Some wear including URC bend.  Price - $30
NYS21 Hotel Bonaparte.  Mailed ‘26. URC bend.  Price - $15
NYS22 Lake Shore Dr., Lake Bonaparte. Unused. Price - $25
NYS23 McAlpine St., Lyons Falls.  Linen Card. Price - $5
NYS24 Hillside Cemetery, Natural Bridge. Print by Shoemaker. Price - $15
NYS25 A Pretty Street, Lyons Falls.  Mailed in 1915.  Price - $25
NYS26 Elegant Homes, Lyons Falls.  Mailed in 1911.  URC bend. Price $25
NYS27 On the State Road, Lowville. Mailed in 1913.  LLC bend. Price $15
NYS28 Railroad Bridge, Lowville.  Mailed in 1916.  Price - $20
NYS29 Lowville Fire Department.  RP.  AZO back. Price - $40
NYS30 New High Bridge, Lowville. Mailed 1918.  Price - $20
NYS31 Court House & Church, Lowville.  Mailed ‘09, damage to ULC. Price - $20
NYS32 Shady Avenue, Lowville. Minor wear.  Price - $20
NYS33 Dayan Street, Lowville.  Writing on back. Price - $20
NYS34 Hotel Bateman, Lowville.  Mailed ‘29.  Price - $25
NYS35 Park Avenue, Lowville.  B&w print by Jubb. ULC bend.  Price - $25
NYS36 N. State & E. State Sts, Lowville.  Mailed ‘14.  Price - $25
NYS37 Main St (N. State), Lowville.  B&w print. Mailed ‘19. Price - $20
NYS38 Main St (S.State), Lowville.  B&w print.  Glue spots on back.  Price - $20
NYS39 State St Residential, Lowville.  Mailed ‘11. Price - $20
NYS40 St. Peters Church, Lowville.  Undivided back.  Price - $20
NYS41 Waiting for the Parade, Lowville.  RP, CYKO back. Price - $35
NYS42 Trinity Church, Lowville.  RP.  Beach?  Price - $30
NYS43 The Bateman, Lowville.  Mailed ‘22.  Price - $20
NYS44 Lowville Band, Lowville.  RP. Mailed ‘08.  Price - $30
NYS45 Academy, Lowville.  RP by Santway.  Mailed ‘17.  ULC bend. Price - $30
NYS46 Catholic Church, Lowville.  Linen.  Price - $15
NYS47 Methodist Church, Lowville.  RP by Beach.  Price - $25
NYS48 Baptist Church, Lowville.  RP by E.A.Agens.  Mailed ‘09. Tiny URC bend  Price - $25
NYS49 Main St. looking East, Port Leyden.  Mailed ‘10.  Price - $30
NYS50 Main St. at Depot, Port Leyden.  Mailed ‘09.  Price - $35
NYS51 Main St looking West, Port Leyden.  Mailed ‘08.  Price - $25
NYS52 Congregational Church, Port Leyden.  Mailed.  Price - $15
NYS53 PLHS Class of ‘07/08, Port Leyden.  RP by Kellogg.  Price - $35
NYS54 View on Main St., Port Leyden.  RP by Beach, Mailed ‘12.  Price $45
NYS55 St.Mark’s Church, Port Leyden.  Not mailed. Price - $25
NYS56 Masonic Temple & School, Port Leyden.  Price - $20
NYS59 Shoemaker Home, Talcottville.  RP by Beach. Price - $30
NYS60 Turin, NY, Military Band.  RP by Mandeville. Mailed ‘06.  Price - $40

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