Legend: Abbreviations used in postcard descriptions:

The current postcards are offered for sale by auction through mail and e-mail, and will be sold to the highest bidders. Conditional bids are NOT accepted. Please bid by number in U.S.A. currency. Minimum bids are stated for each item. With ties, earliest entry wins. Winners will be notified by mail or e-mail. A list showing winning bids will be sent to winners. Unless otherwise stated or shown, each card is standard U.S. size, in color, unmailed, and in good to excellent condition. b&w = black & white. RP = real photo. L = Linen. M = Mailed. AI = Airline Issued. Pax = Passengers. Pub. = Publisher or Published. mcw = minor corner wear. xink = cancellation ink. Publishers' names and numbers may be listed to aid in card identification.

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