Old picture postcards of local scenes are an invaluable historical wealth of information.  Such information, I believe, should be shared.  Therefore, here are some images of old postcards from the Forestport area, mostly from the early 1900s.  I hope you enjoy them.  Just click on the caption to view the corresponding image.

Looking down Woodhull Street
Forestport as Beach imagined it
From below the Twin Bridges
Fishing by the Twin Bridges
The Basketball Team
The Forestport Band in 1913
Looking down Division Street
River Street Scene
O'Conner's Palace Cafe
Hotels Doyle and Albert
George Parsons' handiwork
State Road through the village
Waiting at the station
Thomas Ferjet and his car
A prize winner
On the step
A swinging time
A hazard of winter
The library
The library and school
Recess for pictures
The current crop
Up close and personal
The studious ones
Everybody say "cheese"
Sit still, will you!
Across the street from "our house"
The garage near the river
State Road south
Kernan's along the State Road
The first lock
Huddled in the snow
Looking down on the river
A typical arrival at the depot
A busy day at the depot
Back home from the city
House and outbuildings
The "Mooney" House
The Buffalo Head
The Presbyterian Church
Gallagher's Mills
A panorama for Mae
Old Woodhull
Along the river
Out in the suburbs
Woodhull Bridge
Dustin's Bridge
Row row row your boat
On the Woodhull
The State Dam
Black River Dam
Hartman's Service Station
The Hitchcock & Wick residences
John Kernan's place
This is what I shot him with
The Methodist Church
The Post Office
The Episcopal Church

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