Fulton Chain of Lakes Postcards
by Larry Myers

Waiting for the train at Thendara
Forge House and houseboat
Forest Lodge, Adir. League Club
Pathway to the Forge House
Dining Room at Forest Lodge
Old Mountain House, Old Forge
A.L.C. Mountain Lodge
The Hemmer Cabins, Old Forge
Birds Eye View of Big Moose
Old Forge Street Scene, 1907
Ainsworth's Camp, Big Moose
Fish Hatchery, Old Forge
Burdick's Camp, Big Moose
The Adirondack House, O.F.
Hotel Glenmore, Big Moose
New School, Sept.'09 - burned in '13
The Glenmore, Big Moose
Otter Creek falls and dam
Higby Camp, Big Moose
Otter Lake Music Camp
A Cottage at Higby Camp
Tennis Court, Otter Lake Hotel
Summer House at Higby Camp
Otter Lake Hotel from the road
The Waldheim at Big Moose
Lighthouse Cabins, Otter Lake
Big Moose Lake from the Bald Spot
Otter Lake Hotel and the lake
Twitchell Lake Inn, Big Moose
Raquette Lake Hotel
Williams at Big Moose Lake
Store at Raquette Lake
The Living Room at Williams
Marion River R.R. Raquette Lake
A Pretty Spot at Big Moose
Skilton Lodge Boathouse
The Cliff House at Eagle Bay
Bald Mt. House, 3rd Lake
The Cliff House Casino
Bald Mt. House and grounds
Eagle Bay's path to the Steamer
Fourth Lake, Fulton Chain
Hollywood Hills Hotel Lounge
Rock Point, 4th Lake
The Parquet at Inlet
Eagle Bay Hotel, 4th Lake
Main Street, Inlet
Camp Le Bon Air, 4th Lake
The P.O. at Inlet, 4th Lake
Camp Ledgedale on 4th Lake
A street scene in Inlet
Rock Point, 4th Lake
Entering Inlet at head of 4th Lake
Grand View Hotel, 4th Lake
Fern Park Ballgrounds, Inlet
Car Ferry, Raquette Lake
The Grandstand at Inlet
The Wood Hotel, 4th Lake
Lake Bridge at Inlet
Cedar Island, 4th Lake
Hotel on the Inlet
Cedar Island, 4th Lake
Pavilion & Porch, Arrowhead
Camp Fulton, 4th Lake
Limekiln Lake Shoreline Path
Out-of-Care Cottage, 4th Lake
McKeever, on the Old Forge Rd.
Rocky Point Inn, 4th Lake
Gov. Dix Camp at McKeever
Bungalow, Rocky Point Inn
Public Square, McKeever
Shanghai Cottage - Becker's Camp
The Veneer Mill, McKeever
Rocky Point, 4th Lake
The McKeever Mill
The Rocky Point group in 1908
Pulp Mill & Dam, McKeever
Sixth Lake Dam
Public Dock, Mt. View
Sixth Lake Landing
View from Hawley's Camp
7th Lake House
Street Scene, Old Forge
Steamer Nehasane
Train arrival, Old Forge
Steamer Unca
Train leaves Old Forge in 1912
Steamer Clearwater, loading
A Camp Landing near Old Forge
Steamer Adirondack on Raquette
Forest House & local Bus, O.F
Steamer Tuscarora, Blue Mt. Lake
Sunday Afternoon, Old Forge
Steamer Adirondack, Marion Riv.
The Forge House from the Lake
Steamer Clearwater, asail
Forge House from the walkway
Steamer Ne-has-ne at The Wood

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