FAQs (Questions and Answers)
Q - Who operates the Postcard Post?
A - Here's my name and address:
Larry Myers
2539 Millers Woods Road
Boonville NY 13309-5020 USA

Fax. 315-942-5898
e-mail - larry@postcardpost.com

Q - How long have you been doing Airline Postcard Auctions?
A - Since 1980 by mail. Since September, 1996 on the Web.

Q - Do you auction postcards other than airline cards?
A - Not currently.

Q - Can I bid $2.00 above the highest nominal bid to win?
A - Conditional bids are not accepted.

Q - What bidding increments should I use?
A - There are no required increments. Bidding to the cent value helps to reduce ties. There are now differing minimum bids for each card.

Q - What is the "average" winning bid?
A - The average winning bid is usually around $45 to $50, with the rarest ones going much higher.

Q - Can I get the results of the auction even if I don't have a winning bid?
A - We used to sell subscriptions to the auction, complete with auction results.  But since we published
"Rare Airline Postcards And Their Prices", we have discontinued selling subscriptions.  However, if a bidder has a high bid in an auction, we usually supply that bidder with bid results for a full year.

Q - How can I make payment?
A - Payment is expected immediately upon notification of your winning bid and can be made by check on a US bank, by money order, by postal money order, by US currency, or by PayPal. NOTE: While checks in US currency can be obtained from Canadian Banks, I have to pay $2 for every check from Canada I cash.  Therefore, if a payment is made from Canada via check or M.O., an extra $2 is required.

                    Larry Myers
                     2539 Millers Woods Road

                    Boonville NY  13309 - USA

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