Tadd Kotick is the collector who first gave me a list of Enell postcards.  Subsequently, I learned that he had also written an ariticle about George V. Enell.  On  November 21, 1997,  I met Tadd at the York Postcard Show and he authorized me to publish his article on this website.  Here is the article.
Now here's the postcard list which was originally composed by Tadd, who then shared it with me. I added several more, and through my Postcard Post customers, added still more. If you can help us fill in the blanks, please write or e-mail.  Just two more to find!  #3 & #5E.  Can you help?
1. New York International Airport Terminal

2. Idlewild Airport apron   Photocopy courtesy of  Chris Slimmer

3. ?

4. American Airlines Douglas DC-6 (NX 90704)

4A. American DC-6

4A. American Airlines DC-7 FL i.a. (N303AA)

4A. TWA L-1049G Constellation w/tip tanks

5. TWA Lockheed Constellation

5A. TWA Constellation


5C. TWA Super G over New York   - photocopy courtesy of Tadd Kotick

5D. TWA Boeing Jet Stratoliner-120 . (N70700). Actually a B-707 illustrated in 1950 era colors

5E. ?

5F. TWA 'S JETSTREAM - photocopy courtesy of Tadd Kotick

5G. TWA'S JETSTREAM - like 5A but farther away

6. St. Patrick's Cathedral (Easter Sunday)  David Hansen sent us this image. One of the few Enell cards that don't show aircraft.

7. New York City Skyline from Welfare Island    Note:  Joe Panzarella sent us this image.  It is the first photo postcard I've seen by Enell that is not related to either an airport or an airplane.  It's truly a rare card, this is the first time I've seen the image in a quarter of a century search!

8. Scandinavian Airlines Douglas DC-4 (SE-BBA)FR over Statue of Liberty.

8A. SAS-DC6B (LN-LMO)FL in air.

9. Radio City at Night  Joe Panzarella was first to send this image.  Before I uploaded it, David Hansen also sent the image.  Thanks guys!

10. Pan American's Clipper America (Lockheed) (NC86520)Connie FL i.a.

11. Air France Lockheed Constellation (F-BAZB)FL i.a. from above

12. Eastern Air Lines Lockheed Constellation (NC108A) FL i.a.

13. United Air Lines Douglas DC-6 (NX32503)FR i.a. viewed from below

13A. Same as above but close-up

13B. UNITED AIRLINES' DC-7 (N6301C) FR i.a.

14. LaGuardia Airport Terminal w/SAS DC-4 (OY-DFI) climbing. Vertical format.

15. Trans Canada-Canadair "North Star" (CF-TEN) FL i.a. from below.

16. Seaboard and Western DC-4

17. Eastern Air Lines Douglas DC-4 (NC88705)FR i.a.


19. SCANDINAVIAN AIRLINES DOUGLAS DC4 over George Washington Bridge, NYC

20. Sabena-Belgian Airlines (OO-AWC)(DC-6 FR over Idlewild Terminal)

21. LaGuardia Airport Terminal

22. American Airlines L-049 Constellation - photocopy  courtesy of Tadd Kotick

23. Colonial Airlines Douglas DC-4 FR i.a. over NYC

24. Pan American DC4 (NC69928)? FR i.a.

25. LAV L-749 Constellation - photocopy courtesy of Tadd Kotick

26. BOAC L-049 Constellation - photocopy courtesy of Tadd Kotick - Enell card not shown but picture is same

27. American CV-240 (mis-labeled DC-6) - photocopy courtesy of Tadd Kotick

28. International Terminal-LaGuardia Airport Cabs in front.

29. Capital Airlines DC-4 - photocopy courtesy of Tadd Kotick

30. American Airlines Convair flying over Wash.D.C. - photocopy courtesy of Tadd Kotick

31. Northeast Airlines Convair (N91237) FR i.a.

32. National DC6 - photocopy courtesy of Tadd Kotick

32A. National DC6 over MIA   another version of this same card omits the # but carries the signature

32B. National Airlines's DC-7 Thanks to John Pinnow for the photocopies of 32B & 32C

32C. National Air Lines' Super H Constellation

33. Pan American's Stratocruiser (N1023V) 1st livery FL i.a.

33A. PAA Stratocruiser (N1030V) FL i.a. from above different livery.

33B. Pan American "Super 7" Clipper (N731PA) FR i.a.- lvl flight

33C. Pan Americans DC-7C FL i.a. Thanks to Bob Johnston for the photocopy

34. Northwest Stratocruiser FR i.a.

34A. Northwest Orient Airlines' DC-7C (N284) FL i.a.

35. BOAC Boeing Stratocruiser FL i.a.

36. Swissair Douglas DC-4 (HB-ILA) FR i.a. from below

37. International Airport Terminal Entrance & Cntrl twr (untitled)

38. untitled Idlewild Airport Observation Deck

39. EAL Super Constellation FR i.a.

40. Capital 049 Constellation - photocopy courtesy of Tadd Kotick

40A. CAPITAL'S VISCOUNT FR i.a. from above


41. Trans Canada's North Star - photocopy courtesy of Tadd Kotick



42A. Helicopter View of N.Y. International Airport Aerial view

42B. New York International Airport Aerial view - also signed by Schwartz.

43. The UN Building in New York.  Joe Panzarella sent us this rare Enell image.

44. British Overseas Airways' Comet (G-ALZK) FL i.a.

45. SABENA'S SIKORSKY S-55 HELICOPTER FR hovering above ramp

46. Our Lady of the Skies Chapel      Photocopy courtesy of David Kopp

47. AERIAL VIEW OF LA GUARDIA AIRPORT   Photocopy courtesy of Chris Slimmer

48. International Arrival Building at Night   Photocopy & info courtesy of Chris Slimmer

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