An explanation about the "Mrs. Olney" card

One of the fascinating things about presenting old picture postcards on the website, is the information that is sometimes obtained about a card or a subject.  Although the card itself identifies the woman as Mrs. Olney, here is an email we just received, clarifying who it was in the picture:

Just wanted to let you know that the lady in the family portrait is not Mrs. Olney, but is her oldest daughter Edna Flora Olney, who died a year or two later.  My mother, Isabelle Olney, is the little girl seated to the far left.  I have the original photo and thought you might want to know.  These are the children of Darwin Byron and Eva Flora (Guillaume) Olney, with the exception of the youngest who was born after this picture was taken.

Irene Uttendorfsky

Our thanks to Irene for the information.

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