by Larry Myers
This checklist of postcards that show Braniff aircraft is by no means complete. The cards described and illustrated here are from my own collection and from contributing collectors. When in doubt whether the plane is a DC-2 or a DC-3, I have chosen to call it a DC-3. Those who have Braniff cards not listed here are invited to submit images and descriptions to expand this list. The numbers ( 1,2,3,etc.) are for convenience only and have no other significant value.

1. DC-2 at Brownsville. AI (Airline Issued).
2. DC-2 interior. AI.
3. DC-3 over Dallas. AI.
4. DC-2 at Chicago with American DC2? L (Linen) Pub. by Gerson Bros. 42879
5. DC-3s at Dallas. L. Dallas Post Card Co. D-59
6. DC-3 at Love Field. Graycraft Card Co.
7. DC-3 with rarely seen Pioneer DC-3 at Lubbock. Herald Photo 47122
8. DC-3 at Will Rogers Field. Mid-Continent News.
9. DC-3 at Houston. Chas. Epstein Co. 69881
10. DC-3 at Sioux City. L. Olson News Co. 5C-H565
11. DC-3 at Amarillo. 661
12. DC-3 at Burlington, Iowa. Highlander Camera Shop 405-D-11
13. CV (Convair) at San Antonio. L. Weiner News Co. 3C-H1305
14. CV at San Antonio with EAL Connie. Weiner News. ODK-1639
15. CV at Oklahoma City. Baxtone. 42820
16. CV. AI.
17. CV at Houston. Morse Wholesale. 6C-K2674
18. CV at Fort Worth. J.A.Stryker P6166
19. CV at Fort Worth. Texas Post Card Co. TPC-147
20. DC-6. L. Nationwide Post Cards
21. DC-4? at Houston. Seawall Specialty Co. 29413N
22. DC-6 & CV at Wichita. J.Tetirick. 11480
23. DC-6 at Will Rogers Field. P&D Photo Service. 47126
24. DC-7C at Houston. Morse Wholesale Co. P21495
25. DC-6. AI (Airline Issued)
26. DC-7C. AI.
27. DC-6 at Des Moines. Couch Card Co. P45138
28. DC-6 "El Conquistador". L. Made for the airline by Nationwide. F9988
29. B-707 split-view. Northern Minnesota Novelties. 92784-B
30. B-707. Dexter Press. S-34547-B
31. B-707-227. AI.
32. B-720. AI.
33. B-707. A-W Distributor. 1-EK-43
34. B-320C. AI.
35. BAC-111. AI.
36. BAC-111. AI.
37. BAC-111. Wonday Film Service. DR-18055-C
38. BAC-111. Dunlop-Henline Co. DR-18055-C
39. BAC-111 at Brownsville. Frank Whaley Post Cards. 41528-C
40. BAC-111 with American jets at Dallas. All-Tom Corp. D-21998-C
41. BAC-111 with American jets at Dallas. All-Tom Corp. DT-69558-C
42. BAC-111 at Eppley Field. Dunlop-Henline Co. DT-18200-C
43. B-727 at Austin. Austin News Agency. 6EK-469
44. B-727 at Austin. Austin News Agency. 4EK-38
45. B-727. McGrew Color Graphics. 132
46. B-727. Dunlap Post Card Co. P319337
47. B-727s at Renton. Smith-Western. S-64324-1
48. B-727QC. AI.
49. Braniff Exhibition at 1934 World's Fair. Century of Progress edition.
50. Braniff Exhibition at 1934 World's Fair. Century of Progress edition.
51. Concorde. AI (Airline Issued). Slightly larger than continental size.
52. DC-6 "El Conquistador". AI. 3 ½ by 9 inches.
52a. DC-6 "El Conquistador" same as above but different livery. Image is courtesy of Mark Howard.
53. Braniff Hostess. Advertising postcard for Airmaid Hosiery. L. Curteich.
54. B-727 over the city.  AI.
55. B-727 by Plastichrome P306473
56. BAC-111 by Dexter DR--18055-C
57. B-747 by Dexter DR-74299-C
58. CV with several other airliners on the ramp at Stapleton. Cooper Post Card. C-111
59. DC-2 over Dallas.  Image is courtesy of Mark Howard.
60. Concorde. AI. Slightly larger than continental size.
61. B747.  AI. Measures about 9 1/2 by 5 inches.
62. B-727 at Memphis. Don Lancaster Photography - 38545-D
63. B-727 with blank back.  Measures about 9 1/2 by 5 inches.
64. DC-2 with crew.  AI.  Photocopy courtesy of Dave Kopp.
My thanks to Greg Smith for contributing images 65 through 70 in this Braniff Checklist:
65. B-747 oversize card.
66. B-747 oversize card.
67. B-747 oversize card.
68. B-747SP oversize card.
69. B-727 oversize card.
70. DC-3
71. DC-8.  This card was used as a QSL to publicize "The Voice of the Andes".
72. Convair at Amarillo - Baxtone 43644
73. DC-7?  at Houston - Morse Wholesale - P21489
74. High Fashion Hostesses - AI - slightly wider than standard
74a. High Fashion Hostesses - AI - image courtesy of Bernard Molnar
75. Lockheed Electra - made by Semco Color Press for the airline
76. CV at Peterson Field, Colorado Springs - Mike Roberts C11126
77. Braniff Pilot salutes - sepia-toned b&w AI card
78. DC-2 at Chicago - split-view linen with other DC-3s
79. CV at Des Moines - Published by Hurley's Supply
80. Nose of CV & tail of TWA Connie at Amarillo - Petley
81. DC-6 unloading luggage at Houston - Morse Wholesale Co.  P21495
82. Jet (BAC111?) departing Omaha - Dunlop Postcard Co. 84067-C
83. Boeing 727QC Fastback - Airline Issue - 990-655611
84. B-727 with Calder livery - McGrew Color Graphics - 141210
85. B-727 on multi-view card at Memphis - B7385
86. B-727 with Dallas Cowboys helmet on the tail! Unknown publisher.
87. B-747 in the Ultra orange Scheme. Photo courtesy of Andrew Stiffler.
88. B-747SP postcard published in Germany.  Image courtesy of Christian Gerbich.
89. Space Rover published by Hallmark. Image courtesy of Christian Gerbich.  The back caption on this postcard reads, "In Freedomland's Satellite City, visitors board the Braniff International Airways space ship for a thrilling trip into orbit to view a panarama of the wonders of the Western Hemisphere.
90. B-727 airline issued.  Approximately 9½ by 3½".
91. Two B-727s, one by Calder. Airline Issue.  Approximately 9½ by 3½".
92. DC-2 at Dallas-Love. Linen.
93. B-707?  I'm told that the second plane is a Braniff. Pub. by John E. Miller.
94. B-707 at Tocumen.  A Mike Roberts Card published in Panama.
95. B-727 by Aviation Views.  831017
96. L-188 by Aviation World. L-001
97. DC-8 by Aviation World. D-011
98. DC-8 by Aviation World. D-050
99. B-727 by Aviation World. B-051
100. B-727 by Aviation World. B-063
101. B-727 by Aviation World. B-064
102. DC-8 by Aviation World. D-036
103. DC-7C by Aviation World. D-040
104. DC-8 by Aviation World. D-045
105. DC-8 by Aviation World. D-048
106. DC-8 by Aviation World. D-052
107. B-707 by Mary Jayne.  MJ351
108. B-727 by Mary Jayne.  MJ355
109. B-727 by Mary Jayne.  MJ405
110. C-46 by IAWPC. Historical Post Card #1
111. DC-8 by IAWPC. HC-090
112. B-720 by IAWPC. HC-139
113. B727 by IAWPC. HC-264
114. Calder DC-8 by IAWPC. HC-370
115. BAC-111 by IAWPC. HC-388
116. DC-8 by IAWPC. HC-413
117. DC-8 by IAWPC. HC-436
118. DC-6 Freighter by IAWPC. HC-469
119. BAC-111 by IAWPC. HC-503
120. B-727 by Flite-Line Fotocards FLF-001
121. B-727 by Flite-Line Fotocards FLF-002
122. B-727 by Flite-Line Fotocards FLF-010
123. B-727 by Flite-Line Fotocards FLF-011
124. B-747 by Flite-Line Fotocards FLF-017
125. B-707 by Flite-Line Fotocards FLF-040
126. B-707 by Flite-Line Fotocards FLF-055
127. BAC-111 by Flite-Line Fotocards FLF-056
128. B-727 by Flite-Line Fotocards FLF-066
129. B-727 by Flite-Line Fotocards FLF-067
130. B-707 by Flite-Line Fotocards FLF-068
131. DC-8 by Flite-Line Fotocards FLF-070
132. B-727 by Flite-Line Fotocards C/N 22002
133. B-737 by Flite-Line Quality No. 59
134. B-727 by Flite-Line Quality No. 208
135. B-727 by Flite-Line Quality No. 256
136. BAC-111 by AeroGem AL006
137. B-737 by AeroGem AL007
138. B-737 by AeroGem AL049
139. A-300 by AeroGem AL050
140. A-320 by AeroGem AL051
141. B-707 by AeroGem 0804
142. B-720 by AeroGem 0907
143. DC-8 by AeroGem 1004
144. B-727 by AirlinerCARD ALC-009
145. Saab SF340A by Plane Views PV-020
146. Calder DC-8 by Amsterdam Airport Aviation Mailorder No. 001
147. DC-8 by Movifoto N812BN-1
148. DC-8 by Movifoto N-1806-25
149. DC-8 by Movifoto N-1804-1
150. Calder DC-8 by Movifoto N-1805-29
151. DC-8 by Movifoto N-1806-1
152. DC-8 by Movifoto HV-1807-1
153. DC-8 by Movifoto N-1809 E-4
154. DC-8 by Movifoto N-1809 E-5
155. B-747 by Colourmaster GS 2562
156. B-747 by Skilton & Fry 331
157. B-747 by Skilton & Fry 387
158. L-188 by Airshop
159. B-727 by Air Pictorials Int'l API 01
160. L-049 Constellation by Air Pictorials Int'l API 058
161. A-320 by Air Pictorials Int'l API 072
162. A-320 by Air Pictorials Int'l API 074
163. A-320 by Air Pictorials Int'l API 075
164. B-747-SP by Air Pictorials Int'l API 044
165. B-707 by Air Pictorials Int'l API 045
166. B-727 by Coincat 0592a
167. B-727 by Coincat 0592b
168. B-727 by Coincat 0592c
169. B-727 by j.j.postcards 502
170. B-727 by Civil Aircraft Postcards No. 137
171. DC-9 by ljm 15.
172. B-707 by Edioes Aeronauticas  EA11
Special thanks to Christian Gerbich for supplying the images and info on BR-173 through BR-215.
173. SA226  by  IAWPC HC550
174. BAC1-11 by World Collectors Card WCC-41
175. CV340  by  IAWPC HC840
176. CV340  by  Flie-Line Fotocards 030
177. CV440  by  API 048
178. DC6   by  API 051
179. DC6   by  ACP S-019
180. L188   by  Flite-Line Fotocards 039
181. L188   by  IAWPC HC842
182. L188   by  Flite-Line Fotocards 025
183. BAC1-11  by  IAWPC HC597
184. DC9    by  Flite Line Quality 244
185. DC9    by  World Collectors Card WCC-228
186. B737   by IAWPC HC758
187. B727   by Movifoto N-7272-1
188. B727   by Edicoes Aeronauticas EA29
189. B727   by Movifoto N-309BN-2
190. B727   by Movifoto N-309BN-1
191. B727   by IAWPC HC727
192. B727   by Flite-Line Quality 283
193. B727   by C5 at Heathrow Supacard A12
194. B727   by Flite-Line Quality 166
195. B727   by Airline Pictorals API 061
196. B727   by Collection Vilain G-229
197. B727   by Flite-Line Fotocards 009
198. B727   by Collection Vilain G-7
199. B727   by IAWPC HC694
200. B727   by Flite-Line Quality 257
201. B727   by IAWPC HC872
202. B727   by Flite-Line Quality 254
203. E. Miller No.1 "Arrival of President's escort plane at Love Field, Dallas Texas (actually no braniff is visible at this card, but it belongs to this small set (xxxxx)
204. B707  E. Miller No.2 "Presidental and escort planes at Dallas Love Field landed shortly after this picture was taken"
205. B707 by IAWPC HC841
206. B707 by Weiner News Agency/Plastichrome P63975 "Jet in Air International Airport San Antonio, Texas"
207. DC8  by IAWPC HC643
208. DC8  by Edicoes Aeronauticas EA32
209. DC8  by Movifoto N 1803-1
210. DC8  by Movifoto N 1803-2
211. DC8  by AeroHobby AH-11
212. DC8  by Movifoto N-1805-25 (Calder)
213. DC8  by Movifoto N-1805-31 (Calder)
214. DC8  by Aviation Color Photo S-022 (Calder)
215. DC8  by Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chavez Callao Peru 314
216. B747 at Gatwick by Pamlin Prints. Image, courtesy of Christian Gerbich
217. Braniff jet and Greenline buses.  
The postcard is 8 1/2x4" Image, courtesy of Bernard Molnar

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