Peter Brohl

Peter wrote to us saying, "Great Site!  Thank you so much for this.  There are so many of us former Mohawk folks around who continuously look for connections to the "old days".  We were basically a family.  We stuck together through good times and bad.  We had a good time!  As 'Old Mohawkers' go, I was only there a short time, early 1964 - late 1976.  Even though no one stays at a job that long these days, it was relatively short compared to some of these folks!
I'm attaching 3 photos that I have in my archives.  The first is a rare one of a Mohawk chopper in flight.   The second is the front and back of a Mohawk "Gold Chip".  Remember those?  They were good for a drink on any flight.   The third photo is of an awards ceremony that I was part of.  I can't remember what it was for nor when it was held, probably late 60's at the Hotel Utica(?).  The folks in the photo are (L-R) - Ed Rooney, Don Sansone, Franz Vooght, Peter Brohl (that's me), Shirley Newton, a mechanic who's name escapes me and Carl Benscoter presenting the award.  Ed Rooney was a pilot, Don Sansone was the Stewardess training instructor, Franz Vooght was the station manager at PVD (I think), I worked in the home office and Shirley Newton represented Syracuse Reservations.  Those were the days!"

Peter, I contacted a retired Mohawk mechanic, Russ Glindmyer, who contacted other retired mechanics  and they came to the conclusion that the man is John Brescia, so I put his name on the photo with the others.