Paal Moen

Paal wrote:

Briefly looked at your Mohawk history link. Incredible job.  I have a scanned copy of a picture that hung in the training center in Pittsburgh. It shows the ramp at Oneida County Airport on the arrival of Mohawks last flight.  I was lucky enough to be there that night and I am in that picture. It shows F 227 N808M with crew on air-stair door. (after a bottle of Champagne had been smashed on the door.)  Several pilots and management were there and you can easily spot Captain Bill Woelfel in the middle of the picture (the bald man).  I believe the date was April 30, 1972, but I’m not positive.  I am standing left of the air-stairs ... the little guy next to a guy in a tan overcoat.  We were all so young back then...!