Gary Schenauer was a frequent passenger back in the Convair days of Mohawk Airlines.  He writes:

"I'm really sorry I did not note the names of the stewardesses and the pilot in these four photos; that would have been great to have their names (esp. if they ever had a chance to see these pics of themselves after 40 years).  This picture was taken as I was about to board one of their sightseeing flights.  The lady is the stewardess who knew my name because I took the flights so frequently.  The A/C Reg. # on "Tecumseh" was N4406; it was a Metropolitan so it was a Convair 440."

Gary took another picture of a Convair as a "stewardess" walked to the plane.  Later on, from a window in the Terminal Building, he snapped this picture of a Mohawk FH-227.   From the gate to the ramp he got this picture of the pilot walking from the Mohawk BAC-111.