Carole Weigel

Carol emailed us to say:

I too have great memories of Mohawk.  My older sister, Judy, worked for them beginning in 1958 as a "stewardess" as they were then called.  She lived and flew out of Ithaca.  She was one of the most popular stewardesses of her day and was even chosen to make the flight to London with Peach and others when Mohawk bought BAC 111's from BOAC.   I’m enclosing 2 photos of my sister.  Judy was known as Judith Cierek in those days. Sadly, Judy, who would LOVE to have seen these photos, died in 1990 at the young age of 53.  Her husband was a Mohawk captain who ended up retiring from US Air in the 70's. Thanks again for some great memories.