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As you may recall, I have been in the Airline Postcard business for many years.  During the last several years that I was doing rare Airline postcard auctions, I had occasion to scan the postcards so that I could publish the pictures, both in print and on the Internet.  During that time, I also had occasion to upload many airline postcard lists and various sales.  Over those years I have accumulated more than 6,000 scans, or images, of these postcards.  Most of the scans are of Airline airplanes, from the earliest airline in 1918 to the present jet-age.  A small percentage of the images show some airport views without planes.  There will be images of plane interiors and crews.  Nearly all the files are in low definition.  There are a certain amount of duplicate images.  The images are in color and in black & white, where appropriate.  I stopped counting the images after 6,500.  There will be a few more than that.

If you'd like a copy of this disk with 6,000 + images, it's yours for $10 plus shipping. 

Shipping in the USA and to Canada is $2 for First Class Mail.

Shipping outside the USA and Canada is $4 for International Mailing.

PAYMENT:  I prefer PayPal !  Use the email address for "payee."  I can also handle USA cash, checks, or M.O.s.

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